Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why so many whys?


Simple question right, well not all the time.

Why when you're tired do your kids seem to behave at their worst?

Why when you have planned a special meal your meter reads high?

Why is it when you have no money your car breaks down?

Why is when you want peace chaos ensues?

Why can't the sun shine more?

Why is it we know what to do but don't?

Why is when I wake up and say, I am going to be a better parent, friend, partner,
worker, I end up yelling at my kids, ignoring a friends call, and not listening to my partner?

Why don't mini vans have sound proof partitions like limos?

Why does it seem that when things are going really well things suddenly change?

Why do we have to live with diabetes?

Why does anyone have to endure pain and suffering?

Why are there so many whys?

My only answer thus far as that we are all imperfect, fallible, vulnerable, emotional, ever evolving humans.

The positive in all this is we have free will and the human ability to self reflect, change, and wake up tomorrow and try again.


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