Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jedi Mind Tricks to Battle ANTS?

"No Match For a Jedi!"
Yes - Apparently there are Mind Tricks available to fight the "ANTS"

I know, once again you are asking yourself, what in the hell is this guy talking about?

Well I had my first counselling session today. That's right, I am officially being counselled. Kind of like having my own personal adviser, like being president, or a king. 

She did some scales, or tools on me and said, you are definitely ranked as being off the charts in terms of being depressed.  I said, " I figured as much, now what?" 

She said it seems, "You are having a lot of negative thoughts and self talk". I replied, "Yup"

Then she said time is running short and she reiterated or validated what I was talking to her about, if you are wondering just read the last couple of posts. Then she told me she would email me some coping techniques called "Cognitive Behaviour Therapy" I said "sounds cool"

The conversation was concluded with a followup apt in 1 weeks time, and a safety plan in case I loose my marbles and desire to live again.  Apparently once you feel better you are actually more vulnerable to acting on your suicidal ideations. For the record, I am slowly seeing the rays of light.

I thought about "ANTS" no not the little irritating black bugs that march away with your picnic food, but the "Automatic Negative Thoughts" that can flood the brain when your guard is down.  Then I thought about the "Jedi Mind Tricks" or "Cognitive Behaviour Therapy"  Which is being emailed by my counsellor. But I am too impatient.  So I found the following on the net regarding "CBT

Here is an article written by By Dr Greg Mulhauser that decribes the basis for CBT titiled "An Introduction to Cognitive Therapy & Cognitive Behavior Approaches".  He states:

"Cognitive therapy (or cognitive behavioural therapy) helps the client to uncover and alter distortions of thought or perceptions which may be causing or prolonging psychological distress."

The following diagram taken from Dr Mulhauser's Article below sums up the usual process our brain follows:

I remember reading a book, a very long time ago called, "How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons"

It basically followed the same premise, we are stimulated by our environment, we think certain things, and then these thoughts are followed by emotions. Like if you are cut off while driving, you think "What an A-hole" or "Maybe he's in a rush" both thoughts will likely lead to two very different emotional responses, one likely in anger the other likely in understanding. 

So apparently, these Jedi Mind Tricks will assist me in dealing with my ANTS, as these little buggers are apparently directly effecting my emotional outlook on life. Too bad it wasn't as simple as using a spray can of raid.

Man, I am liking this personal adviser thing, too bad it's only temporary.


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