Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Stop a Racing Mind

"Dump thoughts above"
We have all had this happen.  It is bedtime, we are tired, exhausted, we perform the bedtime ritual, lie down, pull up the covers, flip the pillow and then we........start to become aware of our thoughts.

Now this is not always a good thing.  We say, nope, thoughts, go away and come back later, but somehow our brain and thoughts have another plan, and they linger, and race, until finally we glance at the clock and its been 2 hrs and we are still wide awake.

Thoughts are hard to control. But when you want to sleep they can make us anxious, restless, and ultimately rob us of a good nights rest. 

This same thing happens to me. I know of all people, but seriously it does. Sometimes I can mentally wrangle them(thoughts) and sleep. But lately, I give myself a time limit. I say, okay, 20 minutes for my thoughts, and then I take action.

By Action I mean; I dump my thoughts onto a pad of paper, then go to bed thoughtless, no not clueless, thoughtless.  This,  I have discovered totally works!

For example  ideas that  I just had to get up and write down:  to-do-list for the next day cause it was driving me crazy, any thought that persists, dump it onto paper and go back to bed.

Just thought I'd dump those thoughts onto the blog for y'all!


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  1. Interesting post, Trev!

    I used to do the same thing, but have really gotten out of the habit in the past year or so. Coincidentally, my blog post writing has skyrocketed during that same time (hmmm). It used to do me wonders, and I'm going to get back into that habit - rather than staying up WAY too late and losing sleep over the fact that I'm trying to get everything done.

    Hey, on a separate note: saw your post over at T2T today and hope you don't stop blogging there. I really like the parent-child D perspectives and found yours is one of the few that are out there in the blogosphere. I did notice, though, that you certainly are QUITE the blogger with so many of them, focusing on slightly different D-topics. I know some to divide their D-Life and Non-D Life issues into separate ones, but haven't seen too many where there are multiple D-blogs with diff focuses. Maybe there's a way to combine a couple? Anyhow, love following. Sorry I've been out of the blogging comment action lately, just really trying to get focused on regular life. Best your way, my friend!