Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Selfless Perspective to Happiness

So for those who read my previous post know I had an Apointment my my Family Doctor yesterday.

I was eager to see him as I have been experiencing a very low energy level and mood for quite some time now.

My Doctor is a great councellor. Not all Doctors have the ability to listen actively, and help you work through your issues. He spends more then the alotted apointment time to hear me out, and provided his help.

So I start off telling him about my energy level saying "I use every ounce of will power to drag my butt out of bed in the morning" and I add, "I have no desire to do anything, even stuff I used to enjoy like Thai Box"  and finally, "I just want to feel excited, energized about life again"

Of course he nods, and says "What do you feel the issues are in your life?" 

I reply, "Money, or lack there of, Diabetes in all aspects, but I exercise, get sunlight, sleep 8 hours, usually, reflect, discuss, write and still no mood improvement" "I Just feel Flat"

We talk about the specific stressors in my life mentioned above. Then he says this to me. "Trev, you are experiencing the busiest time in most peoples life right now, and you also have diabetes to deal with, but you have to remember, right now your job is to be there for your children"

It was like a father giving his son advice not a physician talking to a patient. That statement "Be there for your childen" resonated with me for hours later.  It really put my life into perspective. It's not about me, its about them.  I know this truth, but needed to hear it from a repected friend.

To conclude he said "We still need to do something about your mood" and I am trialing a Med called Wellbutrin. I guess it works synergistically with Celexa.

At this point I am willing to try anything.

But I think I need to be there selflessly for my family.