Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tired or Depressed?

"It is fuzzy, often like my brain"
I have not written on Diabetes Mind Game for some time now. 

I feel the impulse to do so, and have a few minutes. So here goes.

I have progressed a ways since my First Post but still feel that daily life, you know the "grind" the "rat race" is "heavy:" and I am honestly trying to remain upbeat. But near the end of  the work day, I feel, exhausted, drained, and sad.

It takes all the effort I have to remain calm, and loving with my family.  But can't help to ponder why is it so hard, so much of a struggle every single day to be happy, positive,  and productive. When in actuality the intense desire to just stay in bed, not work, is so imminent.

I have a great life! I really do, but my inner mood is bllllaahhh!  What the hell?

I did this Depression quiz (Click here for quiz) and it indicated that I am still depressed.

Then I ask, is it depression or simply exhaustion from too busy a life? 

I would love to feel lighter, mentally, more positive more often, more motivated daily.  I just feel sometimes like I am going through the motions of life, and eventually I am going to be lying on my death bed, going wow that life went fast.

I will be 39 tomorrow. I look well for my age, but feel old on the inside.

I see my General Practitioner Next week. I will discuss changing up things.