Saturday, March 12, 2011

Exercise is better then Drugs!

"Me doing it!"
Okay, I am not suggesting we all stop taking our medication but I worked out today for the first time in like 2 months. Amazing! Totally amazing!!!

I promised, well announced on my blog The Diabetic Caveman that I would proceed with an exercise regime starting soon, which happened to be today.

I had to post about it.  After 40 minutes of moderate intensity circuit training and a bout of cool down cardio my mood instantly improved. I felt calmer, I felt that my thoughts were clearer and more positive which according to the cognitive behavior Jedi Mind Tricks  this leads to a more positive mood.

I willed my ass to the basement even though I did not want to at all. I dragged my sorry ass down stairs to the man cave and did it anyways.

I have not felt this clear, and positive in a very long time. I knew it had to be done, I knew the hormones that are released with activity which include, endorphins, testosterone, serotonin would directly improve my mood.

It is taking that first step that is the most difficult.  I took the first step, and tomorrow is another day and I know I will have to struggle with my mind, and will myself to repeat what I did today.



  1. Yay! Good job. :) I feel the same way when I workout and then wonder why I don't do it more often...keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Thanks, ya,today was a none workout day, kids soccer, sunday chores, but tomorrow «i have an apt with my banana bag. You take care.