Friday, March 11, 2011

Giant Punching Bag - Good for Mood

"Truly a thing of beauty"
Who would have thought.  Please observe the beakon of hope to your right.

I am told to exercise, as this increases mood.  Okay, I already know this. But unfortunately the problem with depression is energy levels plummet, and to me, exercise is really difficult to get motivated about.

I wandered down into my man cave last evening. I scanned the area, noticed the treadmill, chin bar, free weights, then I noticed my banana bag.

Now, what the hell is a Banana Bag, no it's not a giant yellow banana.  It is my beacon of hope, my salvation, my stress reliever, my coping strategy to improve my mood and physical well being.  It truly is a think of beauty.

You can punch, kick, knee, hug, elbow, yell at, do what ever you want and it won't get angry with you.  I have been missing Mr Banana for a while now.  My rib is almost mended, and I can't wait to lay a serious ass kicking to it!  Strangely enough he always forgives me.

Something to look forward to.  Just what I need.

Now I have Jedi Powers (see previous blog) and Mr Banana Bag, Damn things are looking up!



  1. Hmm, I think I need one of these! I hear you on the exercise's a vicious cycle. You know exercise will help with mood and blood sugar levels, but then your blood sugar levels can put you in a bad mood, making it harder to find the energy to work out. Motivation is definitely the toughest part. Glad things are looking up!

  2. Every one needs a Punching bag, well maybe not one that ginormous. Thanks again for your encouragement. Cheers.